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Volunteer Guide/Roles

Please use the following guide and become acquainted with the many parent volunteer roles needed to conduct the Flyer swim program. The basic responsibilities are listed for each on the following pages and the official NVSL roles have job descriptions listed on their website. A copy of these official descriptions is maintained by the Fairfax Station Flyers Volunteer Coordinator and will be available for review by parent volunteers. A credit system will be used to assist parent volunteers and swim team officials in tracking volunteer participation. Each family is required to accumulate a minimum of 8 credits for the regular team and 3 for Mini Team only and is strongly encouraged to go far and above this number. We need everyone’s help to enhance the swim team experience for our families. It is our hope that this guide will assist you in reaching outside your comfort zone to volunteer in ways you may not have considered before.


Responsibilities for some parent volunteer roles will vary depending on whether it is a home or away meet, and may differ slightly between NVSL and Burke/Springfield meets, etc. Therefore, the Quick Reference Index lists volunteer needs specific to each in the following order: NVSL home meets, NVSL away meets, Burke/Springfield home meets, Burke/Springfield away meets. Due to the lengthy duration of the Burke/Springfield (Monday evening) meets, many volunteer roles are split into two shifts, first half, and second half of the meet. If in the Parent Volunteer Roles section there is only one description, it is appropriate for all meets. Volunteer sign up is available online at under the Meets & Events tab.



Team Representative (Team Rep)

See NVSL description for official responsibilities.

Responsible for all aspects of swim meets, developmental relays, and IM Carnival, including swimmer sign-ups.. Reserve parking for visiting Team Reps and coaches; for away meets, park in reserved parking for visiting Team Reps and coaches. Greet team reps upon arrival; offer snack bar vouchers. Watch meet progress; be prepared to resolve any issues that may arise. Ensure meet runs smoothly and according to NVSL rules and regulations. 8 Credits.

Assistant Team Rep(s)

See above. Shadow and assist Team Rep in preparation for next season - will be Team Rep. 8 Credits

Developmental Team Rep. (Monday night rep)

Responsible for establishment of swim meet schedule and relationships with other reps in Developmental League; works closely with Team Reps. Can be held by one or more persons.

Oversee all aspects of swim meet. Reserve parking for visiting Team Reps and coaches; for away meets, park in reserved parking for visiting Team Reps and coaches. Greet team reps upon arrival; offer snack bar vouchers. Watch meet progress; be prepared to resolve any issues that may arise to ensure meet runs smoothly. 8 Credits.

Mini Team Rep

Responsible for coordination of Mini Team schedule and acts as a point of contact and source of information for Mini Team families.



Introduces events, provides swimmers and spectators with other useful information during home meets for NVSL and Developmental meets. On deck, sitting under umbrella for entire meet. Training Required (see team rep)1 credit per meet announced.

Assistant Chief Timer

See NVSL description. Assists Chief Timer. Timing experience required.1 credit.

Assistant Clerk-of-Course

See Clerk-of-Course description. Assist Clerk-of-Course at ESSL home meets. 1 credit.

Assistant Place Recorder

The home team’s data is the official record of the event.. During NVSL meets, receives timecards from Head Timer, checks times to ensure there are no issues, places cards in time order and hands them to head table worker from other team. Responsible for clipping meet sheet so results can be written on them and handed to Announcer. 1 credit.

During Flyer Time Trials, receive time cards from Head Timer, place cards in time order and mark with places, write down places on slip for announcer, then separate cards by teams and hand to Ribbon Writers. Be on deck at 7:30 a.m. and throughout meet. 1 credit.

Chief Timer

See NVSL description. Chief Timer assigns official lane Timers to their lanes. Responsible for delivery of all official times to Time Recorder. Training Required (see team rep).1 credit.

Chief Timer Shadow

See above. Shadow’s Chief timer to learn this role in order to take over the role in the following year. 1 credit.


Clerk-of-Course are the “gatekeepers” for all swimmers and ultimately in control of the timing of the meet. During home meets, check in all swimmers on Meet Sheet. If swimmers fail to report to CoC, a Runner finds them. Ensure swimmers are in proper lanes for correct race. Swimmers are seated in correct order making sure they know correct lanes and which side of pool they start on. Walk 8&U swimmers to other side of pool for home meets and make sure swimmers go to correct lane. Responsible for keeping CoC area under control - no standing on benches, staying out of baby pool, remaining quiet for start, keeping others out of CoC area. Have first swimmers ready to go immediately following National Anthem. During away meets, assist the home team Clerk-of-Course. Must be available for entire swim meet. Training Required (see team rep)1 credit.

Clerk-of-Course Shadow

See Clerk-of-Course description. Shadow CoC to learn basics of this important role in preparation for next season. 1credit.

Data Coordinator

Enters official times into Meet Manager Database, to be sent to Division Data Coordinator. Available for duration of NVSL and ESSL meets. Training Required (see team rep) 1 credit.

Optional at away meet as backup to official time data entry. Enters official times into Meet Manager Database. Available for duration of meet. 1 credit.


For Monday meet snack bar. Arrive early for set-up, grill meats, and clean grill. 1 credit.

Head Table Worker

Organizes tables, table workers, and pitches in where needed. 1 credit.

Head Scorer

Head Scorer receives cards, in place order, from Place Recorders. Record times on Official Meet Sheet. Make sure scratches are recorded correctly on all meet sheets. Read times out to other scorers to record on their meet sheets, one provided to home team Team Rep, one for away team. Be available for duration of meet. 1 credit.


See NVSL description. Marshal is a significant role. The exercise of polite, but firm, authority greatly assists in the maintenance of proper competitor and spectator decorum. Specifically responsible for enforcing warm-up procedures and maintaining order in swimming venue beginning prior to warm-ups and continuing through completion of meet. Ensure swimmers and spectators are quiet for the start, prevent crowding on the course, preserve official’s view at finish. For NVSL meets, be on deck at 8:00 until the meet is over at approximately 11:00. 1 credit.

For ESSL meets, sign-up for one or two half-meet sessions. Be on deck prior to start of meet at 5:00 p.m. to approximately 7:30 p.m., and/or from approximately 7:30 p.m. to end of meet at approximately 10:00 p.m. No experience required. 1 credit.

Meet “Roadie” Boss

Friday night before Saturday home meet, or Flyer Time Trials. Coordinate Meet Roadies, set up pool for meet; move deck furniture, hang backstroke flags, etc. 1 credit.

Monday afternoon before Monday evening home meet. See meet set-up diagram. Arrive 4:00 p.m. Coordinate Meet Roadies; prepare pool area for meet; move deck furniture, hang backstroke flags, etc. Knowledge of proper meet set-up required. 1 credit.

Meet “Roadie”

Friday night before Saturday home meet, or Flyer Time Trials. Work with Meet Roadie Boss, set up pool for meet. No experience required.1 credit.

On Saturday morning away meets. Transport team water coolers, tents. Set up on site where instructed by hosting team. No experience required. 1 credit.

Monday afternoon before home meet. Arrive 4:00 p.m. Prepare pool area for meet; move deck furniture, hang backstroke flags, etc. No experience required. 1 credit.

Meet Wrecker” Boss

Coordinates post-meet break down. Coordinate Meet Wreckers; breakdown swim meet; replace all deck furniture, take-down/store backstroke flags, etc., in a manner that protects team assets. 1 credit.

“Meet Wrecker”

Post-meet break down. Work with Meet Wrecker Boss; breakdown swim meet; replace all deck furniture, take-down/store backstroke flags, etc., in a manner that protects team assets. 1 credit.

Post-meet break down at away pool. Dismantle Flyer tents, empty team water coolers; transport back to pool (do this the following morning for ESSL meet), place in designated storage. Gather any abandoned items for Flyer Lost & Found. 1 credit.

Place Recorder

Place Recorder receives cards from other teams Head Place Recorder and double checks times and place order. Write the places on cards and place back in lane order. Hand cards to Scorer. Experience required.1 credit.

Referee (Chief Official)

See NVSL description; Friday evening before Saturday home meet, or Flyer Time Trials. Checks water level. Saturday morning. Referee/Chief Judge is chief official for each swim meet. Responsible for conduct of the meets and is final authority on interpretation and enforcement of all swimming rules. Training/certification required. 8 Credits.

Referee Shadow

See above. Shadows Referee to assume the position the following year. 1 credit.

Relay Take-off Judge

Relay Take-off Judges stand at each end of pool, two per lane, to ensure each swimmer touches wall prior to next swimmer in relay leaving deck.

Each RTJ notes on slip of paper whether each swimmer in lane left before or after swimmer in water touched wall. RTJ do not raise their hands when they observe an early take-off because a disqualification occurs only if both RTJs observed an early takeoff. Required at Saturday morning meets, Divisional Relay Carnival, All-Star Relay Carnival. To be assigned by Referee from pool of existing Timers. Fifteen-minute training session required. 1 credit.

Ribbon Writer

Places stickers provided by data table on appropriate ribbon and files in each swimmer’s file for swimmer to pick up at practice. Ribbon writer job does not start until after all swimmers have swam freestyle event. No experience required. 1 credit.


Runners carry time cards from Head Timer to Data Entry. No experience required. 1 credit.

For Developmental Relay Carnival, Runners carry information from Clerk of Course to Announcer, time cards from Head Timer to Table Workers. Find swimmers who have not reported to Clerk of Course for their event. Be available to CoC for duration of meet. 1 credit.

Scorer- Currently inactive

Responsible for keeping points earned for each team during an NVSL scored meet. Scores are based on time provided by Place Recorder and verified. No experience required.1 credit.

Snack Bar Coordinator

Oversee or implement purchasing, food preparation, snack bar sales at NVSL home meets. 8 credits/season.

Snack Bar Helper

Assist Snack Bar Coordinator as needed in setup, food preparation, sales, clean-up. No experience required.1 credit.

Snow Cone Operator

Man snow-cone machine. Includes set-up, clean-up and storage. 1 credit.


See NVSL description; training/certification required. Starter responsible for ensuring that all swimmers are given a fair and equitable start. Instructs swimmers to “take your mark” and starts the race using a “Colorado System” consisting of a public address system, a horn, and a strobe light. Experience Required.8 credits.

Starter Shadow

See above. TBD from pool of officials for second half of ESSL home meet. 1 credit.

Stroke & Turn Judge

See NVSL description; Stroke & Turn Judge responsible for ensuring all swimmers obey all rules for the stroke they are swimming. If S&TJ sees a violation of rules for the stroke they are swimming, he/she raises a hand to signify infraction has occurred. A disqualification is recorded on DQ (disqualification) slip, reviewed by Referee who approves and forwards copies to Table Workers, Team Rep. Not allowed to discuss DQs with parents or swimmers or cheer for swimmers. training/certification required.1 credit.

Team Area Monitor- Currently inactive

First half of Monday away meet. Maintain order in team area. Ensure swimmers keep area clean. 1 credit.

Second half of Monday away meet. Maintain order in team area. Ensure swimmers clean-up following the meet. Retrieve any lost items; return to pool the following morning. 1 credit.


Timers use stop watch to determine swimmer’s official time for each race, log on swimmer’s time card. Three timers per lane, all three times recorded, middle time is the official time. Requires standing for approximately two hours for duration of meet. During Developmental meets (Monday Nights), Timers are split into first half and second half of meet. Previous timing experience required for NVSL meets but no experience necessary for Developmental meets. 1 credit for NVSL meet. 1 credit for each half meet during Developmental meets.


NVSL home meets only. Checks timecards against results printout, initials results sheet, retains timecards, forwards results sheet to Announcer. Experience or shadow required. 1 credit.


End-of-Year Party Coordinator

Coordinate pot-luck dinner for this important end-of-season event. Includes set-up, clean up, and assist where needed; party, awards, slideshow

(Team Rep to coordinate Awards procurement, slideshow presentation). 1 credit.

End-of-Year Party Helper

Assist end-of-year party coordinator. 1 credit (as needed).

Food Coordinator

Plan and purchase food for social event (example: donut day, pizza day, or pancake breakfast). Deliver food before end of swim team practice. Help with set-up. No experience required. 1 credit.

Food Helper

Distribute food to each swimmer and coach after age-group practice. Clean up. For pancake breakfast Food helpers need to make the pancakes and sausage. 1 credit

Best/Improved Times Spirit Booster

Create and maintain chart to which acknowledges swimming time improvements for all swimmers. Create Ribbon Box using previous year's box and update it with new swim families and clean out families that no longer swim by first week swim meet. Sticker and place in ribbon box participation ribbons for children 10 and under. Ideally this will take place on Tuesday mornings. Coordinate with the coach a way to acknowledge the weeks Biggest Time Drops. GOAL: To help swimmers see their improvements and encourage team spirit. 4 credits

Mini Team Party Coordinator

Coordinate, implement festive end of year party for mini-team swimmers. Serve as liaison between parents, coaches throughout season. Reserved for parent who only has mini-team swimmers. No experience required. 1 credit.

Mini Team Party Helper

Assist Mini Team Party Coordinator on day of party with set-up, food, activities, and cleanup. Reserved for parent who only has mini-team swimmers. No experience required. 1 credit.

NVSL Relay Dinner Coordinator

Host meeting for parents and coordinate restaurant purchased pasta dinner for NVSL relay swimmers; Spaghetti/sauce/meatballs, salad, garlic bread, beverages. 2 credits.

Pep Rally Coordinator - Ice cream

Organize, set-up, and cleanup. Coordinate parents to prepare, serve, ice cream with self-serve toppings or popsicles. 1 credit (as needed). Activities, cleanup; 8&U, 9-10, 11-12, and coach. 1 credit.

Post-Meet Food Coordinator

Plan and order lunch from local restaurants for NVSL Sat Home Meets. Create and e-mail sign-up sheet for lunch selections week prior. Help with distribution and cleanup. For NVSL Away meets, identify and arrange for swimmers and parents to go to local restaurants after meets. Make reservation arrangements with local restaurant (example: Brion’s Grill, Glory Days) No experience required. 8 credits.

Scavenger Hunt Coordinator

Assist coaches in implementation of swim team neighborhood scavenger hunt. No experience required. 1 credit.



Arrange for seasonal apparel samples, orders, funding, and distribution throughout season. No experience required. 3 credits.


Send letters to former sponsors and obtain new sponsors. May include coordination of preseason fundraising event (as needed). 8 credits/season.

Photo Coordinator - by age group

Throughout the season, take and/or compile a minimum of two photos of each swimmer in a chosen age group (8&U, 9-10, 11-12, 13-18, Mini Team) for use in slideshow; submit to Slideshow Coordinator in digital form. 1 credit per meet/ event photographed.

Slideshow Production

Produce an entertaining one-hour musical slideshow using digital photos taken throughout the season and/or collected from age-group photo coordinators; play on giant screen at end-of-year party. 8 credits.

Vending- Currently inactive

Purchase food items for vending machines throughout season, stock regularly, empty cash drawer frequently, make regular bank deposits.

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruit volunteers for key positions and ensure their training. Enter volunteer positions into Teamunify. Collect and account for all volunteer checks. Ensure all positions are filled prior to meets and events. Attend each meet and event to check in and instruct volunteers. Keep track of volunteer credits earned by each family. Return volunteer checks to families that have fulfilled their 8 credit requirements. Some Training required. 8 Credits.

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