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Team Etiquette & Expectations

Volunteering – We Need You!

You’ve heard it many times before, but it is nonetheless true – swimming is a volunteer-intensive sport. In order for our swimmers to have the best possible summer swimming experience, we need your help! Consider how you can volunteer to help the team . . . Could you be a timer? Sell at the snack bar? Are you interested in becoming a certified NVSL official? Pick up extra snacks, water, etc. on a trip to Costco? Help set up the pool for a meet? There are many opportunities to lend a hand.

Volunteer opportunities can be found at Go to the Meets & Events tab to find a job that is right for you. You will find lists for NVSL meets, Monday night meets, and Social Activities. Refer to Volunteer Guide for detailed information.

Each family on the regular is required to volunteer for a minimum of 8 credits; Mini Team only families 3 credits. Each activity/volunteer position carries a specific number of credits as outlined on the website ( At the end of the season, if you have not fulfilled your volunteer credits, we will cash your $200 Volunteer Deposit check that was submitted at registration. We will do our best to match your volunteer preferences to our team needs, but this may not always be possible. Volunteer early and often for the best selection!

In addition, we ask that each family donate drinks to the team for the snack bars we have during meets. Drink donations may be dropped off at the pool during the first three weeks of practice. Please give them to a member of the swim committee to receive credit. Donate drinks to the team according to the first letter in your last name as indicated below:

A-F 12 pack of Diet Coke (cans)

G-M 12 pack of Coke (cans)

N-R Gatorade (8 pack of 20 oz bottles)

S-Z 12 pack of 16oz water bottles

Attendance/Practice Policy

Fairfax Station swimmers are encouraged to attend all practices unless they are attending a United States Swim (USS) swimming practice. All swimmers (including USS swimmers) are expected to attend their Fairfax Station age group practice on Fridays. If you have a conflict, please talk to the Head Coach.

If your swimmer is going to be absent from a practice due to vacation plans or another commitment, please inform the Head Coach, as soon as possible, ideally at the start of the season. For each swim meet, please go into the site and either accept or decline (preferably for all meets by June 10th, but at least one week in advance of each meet), so the coaches know who to put in the lineup.

Families are reminded that morning swim practices are held during the hours when the pool - including the baby pool - is closed to the pool membership. There are no managers or lifeguards present to supervise individuals who are not in the water. If you opt to stay during swim practice hours, please stay under the pavilion or sit in the chairs along the outside of the baby pool fence. Do not occupy the tables near the shallow end of the pool. Children are not permitted to sit on the shallow end steps or to play in the baby pool. Children who wish to play should do so on the grassy area outside the pool.

Rain or Shine

Unless there is thunder or lightning, WE SWIM IN THE RAIN. If you are in doubt, check the Swimtopia App. Fairfax County regulations require pools to remain closed for 45 minutes after a visual sighting of lightning and/or sound of thunder. We will make every attempt to wait out the storm and resume practices. Please note we use SMS/Texting for team notifications as well. Directions on how to opt for text messages are included in the welcome registration email.

Please note: if a meet is cancelled due to weather, volunteer credits are not earned. In the event of thunder and lightning, we attempt to wait out the storm. If the meet is cancelled, we attempt to reschedule it. Sometimes meets are not rescheduled due to the busy swim calendar. Volunteer credits are only earned when volunteer jobs are completed.

Suits and Caps

All Fairfax Station swimmers are expected to wear the team suit and cap during meets. Swimmers who prefer speed suits may wear them, as long as they are royal blue or black only. Suits and caps from USS teams, high school teams, All Stars, and advertisers may NOT be worn during meets. This is an NVSL rule and swimmers in violation may be disqualified.

For the 2019 summer season, the Flyers will wear a suit that can be purchased either in person at SuitUp at University Mall, on the Flyers website, or at the Open House May 18th from 2-4pm. The team suit is the Nike “Poly Color Surge”. A new latex cap will be given to each swimmer (silicone caps will be available to purchase).

General Expectations

Fairfax Station Flyers are expected to behave courteously toward the coaching staff, each other, other members of the Club, and the general public at all times. Courteous behavior includes:

  • Following the pool rules.
  • Listening when the coach is speaking.
  • Following proper lane etiquette – keep your hands to yourself (no pulling on another swimmer’s feet, etc.), allow a faster swimmer to pass, maintain proper distance between you and the swimmer in front of you.
  • Coming to practice on time and being prepared to swim – bring goggles and water, etc.
  • Encouraging your teammates with positive words of support. Do not criticize another swimmer’s efforts; they are trying as hard as you are.
  • Exhibiting good sportsmanship during meets.
  • Talking respectfully to parents and other adults.
  • Respecting the authority of the lifeguards.

Parents, please be courteous to the coaching staff by allowing them to coach during practice hours and meets. If you have a question, comment, or concern, please wait to talk to the coaches following the conclusion of the last practice session, or e-mail the Head Coach. Do not interrupt the coaches unless it involves a medical or safety concern. 

Parents should not interfere with meet officials during the course of a meet, including asking for your child’s times or placement. Times are posted at the end of the lane in which your child swims. Meet officials include the referee, starter, stroke and turn judges, relay take-off judges, timers, computer operators, clerk of course, marshals, and table workers. 

Please direct any urgent concerns you may have during the meet to the Team Rep.


During meets, swimmers must remain in the team area unless they are swimming or in the clerk-of-course preparing to swim.

If a swimmer needs to leave the team area, they must notify a coach. 

Swimmers are encouraged to bring a small, healthy snack and sports drink or water in their swim bag. 

As a courtesy to those swimmers in the water, swimmers not participating in the event are expected to be quiet for the start of each race (after the long whistle).

Cheering for teammates and exhibiting positive team spirit is highly encouraged!!

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