All-Stars, Winter swim, Trophies & Ribbon folder

Flyers Families,

Nope! You are not done hearing from me!

I wanted to let you all know how All-Stars went this past weekend! All 5 of our swimmers did an amazing job swimming and representing FSSTC!

  • Anderson Byrnes swam in his very first All-Stars and produced his best time ever for 8&u 25m Breast and placed in 17th!
  • Marco Byrnes also did amazing in 13-14 50m Free and 13-14 100m IM, placing 12th and 14th respectively!
  • James Langenbach swam in 13-14 50m Breast, bested his seed time, and came away with 7th!
  • Lilla Wilbur gave an impressive showing in 50m Breast and 100m IM, coming in 2nd overall for both, AND breaking the FSSTC pool records in both! It was her 3rd time breaking the 9-10 50m Breast record this season.
  • Aleena Stukus also swam spectacularly, with a 4th place finish overall in 13-14 50m Free, and a 4th place overall FSSTC record-breaking finish in 13-14 50m Breast! It was a record dating back to 1989!!

Way to go kids!

  • If your swimmer did not attend the banquet to receive their trophy, I will be putting those in labeled bags with the paper plate award and report card on the swim counter at the pool starting tomorrow.
  • Also, please be sure to empty out your ribbon folders!!
  • Don’t put off registering for Winter Swim!! Please do so on our team home page, and mail in your check PRIOR TO AUG 26TH!!!


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