Divisionals Information- Parking, Meet sheet, Volunteer info

Flyers Families,

For those that are participating either as a spectator, swimmer, or volunteer, I have attached the pool and parking schematics, as well as the meet sheet (Bora, Jacob is not on the attached sheet for IM because it is from last night). 

Fairfax Station will be using Team Area 4

Here is the time line:

Check in Times for Officials - NOT LATER THAN:

First Half (Free, Back , Breast) Second Half (Fly, IM)

7:20 Referees 10:00 Admin Referee

7:40 Marshals 10:00 (10:20 briefing with Admin Referee)

7:30 Announcers NA

8:15 Starters, S/T’s 10:25 (10:45 briefing with Admin Referee)

8:30 Timers 10:30 (10:50 briefing w/ Chief Timer)

8:40 Clerks of Course 10:40

8:40 Table Workers 10:40

8:45 Runners 10:40


The meet is divided into two halves:

1.Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke Events

2.Butterfly and IM Events

There will be a brief 10 minute break between each stroke so swimmers may warm up in the competitive pool. There will be a longer 15 minute break between first and second half for the transition to new set of officials.

ESTIMATED SCHEDULE, exact timing will be dictated by progress of events

8:10-8:50 am Team Warm-Ups Begin:

8:10 – 8:20 Team Warm-Ups Begin

Lane 1, 2 and 3: Great Falls

Lane 4, 5, and 6: Popular Tree

8:25 – 8:35 Team Warm-Ups Begin

Lane 1, 2, and 3: Sully Station

Lane 4, 5, and 6: Brandywine

8:40 – 8:50 Team Warm-Ups Begin

Lane 1, 2 and 3: Fairfax Station

Lane 4, 5, and 6: Riverside Gardens

9:00 Freestyle Events - Meet Begins!

9:35 Backstroke Warm-ups begin after Freestyle concludes (9:35 is the earliest)

9:45 Backstroke Events Begin (no earlier than 9:45)

10:20 Breaststroke Warm-ups begin after backstroke concludes (10:20 is the earliest)

10:30 Breaststroke Events Begin (no earlier than 10:30)

***End of first half 11:10***

Presentation of Division Trophy and Sportsmanship Award (no earlier than 11:10)

11:15 Fly Warm-ups begin (11:15 is the earliest)

11:25 Fly Events Begin (no earlier than 11:25)

12:05 IM Warm-ups begin after IM concludes (12:05 is the earliest)

12:15 IM Events Begin (no earlier than 12:15)

***Estimated end time 1:00 pm****


Great Falls Swim & Tennis (GFS&T) parking lot will be for swimmer drop-off and parking pass vehicles only. 

Others may park in the following areas: 

1. Village Green Day School directly across Walker Road from GFS&T 

2. Thunderhill Ct. one block south of GFS&T entrance on the same side of Walker Rd. [Be careful crossing/walking along Walker Rd – crossing guards will assist] 

3. Safeway lot - parking behind Safeway is plentiful and closer to the paths [Follow signage on either of two marked short-cuts from Safeway to GFS&T]

As always, if your swimmer is suddenly unable to attend tomorrow, please notify myself and Coach Anthony immediately! If you are a volunteer and cannot attend, text me immediately (7032091137)!

Let's Go Flyers!


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